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Intervox Production Music® is an exciting international music library specially designed for film, television, radio, advertising and new media productions. Independently-owned and operated, Intervox offers the highest possible client service from music selection to licensing for all creative music users: editors, directors and producers. We identify with our music. That is why we provide high quality music written by professional composers from all around the world. In continuous exchange with our international subsidiaries and partners who provide creative professionals with music in their respective 

locations, Intervox has the ability to quickly respond to current cultural trends and topics. Intervox bases its content on the viewpoint of creative editors involved with socially relevant, seasonal and special interest topics. We therefore offer a wide range of genres in both nostalgic and contemporary styles such as orchestral film scores and modern electronic, pop, rock and world music as well as vintage comedy. Intervox CDs cover editorial topics from sports, tabloid features, economics and politics to culture, science, nature and corporate features, which are relevant to all current trends.

Live quickly - don’t think – like every second. You‘re curious, demanding, young - no matter how old you are. Close friends and fair foes love you for being investigative, risky, polarizing, emotionally acting, radical thinking. Because you question values and share ideas – no matter if somebody wants to know. Meet & greet Black is Blonde, the new British music label feat. by Intervox. Now available.

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