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WRE-PM-08 Dark Drama.jpg

Here we are with dramatic dark tracks for your background music.
From end-of-time mood to sentimental and sad moments.

WRE-PM-07 Cinematic Pictures.jpg

The soundtrack for heroic challenges and big pictures

WRE-PM-06 Shortcuts and Trailers.jpg

Cool and groovy shortcuts, trailers and themes. Funny and funky tracks suitable for positive, weird and freaky situations.

WRE-PM-05 Adrenalin Junkies.jpg

Fearless with no limits.High energy
fast and furious tracks.The soundtrack for races and chases.

WRE-PM-04  Chillout and Relax.jpg

Tracks to relax . For mind, body and soul. Calm and chilled moods for mental time outs.

Groovy and jazzy flavour for all kind of urban and big city moods.

WRE-PM-02  Science and Technology.jpg

Tracks for all kinds of science,research and technological issues .

WRE-PM-01 Electronic Ambient.jpg

Electronic ambient tracks for documentaries and issues like science,animals,landscapes,space and futuristic reports.