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WRE-PM-013 Electronic Cyberspace.jpg

80´s synth sounds for the digital environment and cyberspace.

Perfect for documentary, tech, science, Ai, computer and internet topics.

WRE-PM-012 Garden and Cooking.jpg

Feelgood Tracks rund um die Themen

Garten Leben, Landschaft, Natur, Küche und Kochen.

Feelgood tracks for all topics like

garden life, landscape, nature, kitchen and cooking.

WRE-PM-011 Spy Stalking.jpg

Welcome to a world of stalking, profiling and forensics.

Investigative suspenseful tracks until the last seconds.

WRE-PM-010 King of the Street.jpg

Dark urban hip hop tracks from the hood.

Perfect for film and reports about drugs, crime and gangsters.

WRE-PM-09  Retro Wave.jpg

A fine retro wave selection for your futuristic mindset. Perfect for sci-fi, science, documentary or 80´s vibes stranger things topics.

WRE-PM-08 Dark Drama.jpg

Here we are with dramatic dark tracks for your background music.
From end-of-time mood to sentimental and sad moments.

WRE-PM-07 Cinematic Pictures.jpg

The soundtrack for heroic challenges and big pictures

WRE-PM-06 Shortcuts and Trailers.jpg

Cool and groovy shortcuts, trailers and themes. Funny and funky tracks suitable for positive, weird and freaky situations.

WRE-PM-05 Adrenalin Junkies.jpg

Fearless with no limits.High energy
fast and furious tracks.The soundtrack for races and chases.

WRE-PM-04  Chillout and Relax.jpg

Tracks to relax . For mind, body and soul. Calm and chilled moods for mental time outs.

Groovy and jazzy flavour for all kind of urban and big city moods.

WRE-PM-02  Science and Technology.jpg

Tracks for all kinds of science,research and technological issues .

WRE-PM-01 Electronic Ambient.jpg

Electronic ambient tracks for documentaries and issues like science,animals,landscapes,space and futuristic reports.

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