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POPVIRUS  is an entertainment company + regards itself not only as a classic marketing agency, but as a full service agency in the music industry as well. Whether as manager or analyst+consultant or project manager for media corporations, brandnames, writers, producers, artists + publishers or as a connector for marketing projects, or as a distribution label or booking agency: POPVIRUS is the trademark for successful project activities.
The POPVIRUS Production Music Library is a new + unique music archive.

The following albums are especially produced for Popvirus Production Music by Ingo Herrmann.
With a click on the album cover or the title you
will be transfered to the Popvirus site where you can easily pre listen and license all the tracks from Ingo Herrmann.

In the heat of the dangerzone: a  HipHop-Battle marathon! Music for revolutionaries and masterminds! Credible ghettoshit: razor-sharp + unpredictable!

category: action, conflict, docutainment, lifestyle, milleu, reality tv

The pedal's to the metal, the speed up to  250 in a curve, regardless of the consequences! A fast and furious action spectacle for the ultimate adrenaline kick!

category: action, conflict, millieu, reality tv, thriller, tv magazine

Music from the vintage timemaschine - a revival + milestone in one breath featuring  the legendery 70's sound of the top idols of soul!

category: action, documentary, reality tv, tv magazine, retro, thriller

Save the world? Far from it! Recyclable brings out environmental awareness! An inner journey to the fantastic + incredible: always on the cutting edge!

category: computer, documentary, internet, nature, science, space

The trilogy from the Retro Sexy Cool-Series is perfect: James Brown, Barry White + Marvin Gaye were the inspiration for this unforgettable album. Comparisons to movie highlights such as Pulp Fiction, The Professionals or Shaft are purely intentional. The soundtrack with explosive ingredients!

category: action, tabloid, documentary, reality tv, tv magazine, retro, thriller

Smooth, cool & easy listening: tantalizing + typically "Into The Blue" - music not only for foreplay, but for the whole act+ thereafter!

category: easy listening, reality tv, tv magazine, travel, cooking

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